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The Bana Besu Feeding Project gives around 120 children each weekday a nutritious and tastey meal. many of these children are orphans living with older siblings or grandparents. This will often be their only meal of the day. it has been good to be able to rebuild the Kitchen and Dining Hall over the past year. We're so grateful for the hard work of the cooks who do an amazing job with what they're able to buy from the local market or grow on site.

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We offer education to Orphans and Vulnerable children.

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In a poor community access to health provision is limited. People have to find money to see a doctor and buy any neccessary medicine. At Lufutuko community School we have set a clinic to enable our children to have access to basic health provision given to them by our qualified health personel.


The tailoring skill offered at Lufutuko Community School also helps in the sowing of uniforms for the pupils and asides that it offers short courses to few individual persons who come for learning.

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